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Get Serious about Business Processes Business processes don’t get enough attention. A process focus can add a lot of value to your business. Here is how! Business processes improve customer satisfaction Customers don’t get happy by accident! You spent a lot of time and effort to give the customer just what they wanted…and then you messed up because you don’t deliver consistently. Your CSAT or Net Promoter Score ended up in the ditch and the
Four Insights on Organisational Performance Management Organisational performance management is about turning strategic initiatives into results. Fortune Magazine reports that nine out of ten organisations fail to implement their strategic plan. They go on to outline some of the reasons why: 60% of organisations don’t link strategy to budgeting75% of organisations don’t link employee incentives to strategy86% of business owners and managers spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy95% of the typical workforce
The Seven Secrets of Successful Strategy Development The practical aspects of Strategy Implementation In my first blog post, I tackled the topic of Operational Excellence, laying out the four critical elements as I saw them, and promising to delve into greater detail in subsequent posts. This is #2 in the series and in this post, I share my thinking on Strategy. At the outset, I must emphasise that I am taking a practical approach to this topic.
The Four Critical Elements to Achieving Operational Excellence This post on How to achieve Operational Excellence is my very first foray into the world of blogging since becoming a business consultant. You will see from the blurb at the bottom that I have spent more than thirty years in business, and have now ventured into the arena of business consulting. This has come about mostly because my most recent assignment has been in a small (now not-so-small)
Scale-Up Needs a Different Sort of Mentorship than Start-up! Leading organisations can be lonely and a coach and mentorship make a real difference. This is especially true when you are an inexperienced CEO in a small start-up or a fledgling scale-up. No surprise! What is not well understood, however, is that the type of coach or mentor that is needed shifts as you move from start-up to scale-up. One size definitely does not fit all,

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