About Us

Wayne Hartmann is the founder of H2 Business Consulting. Drawing on over 30 years of business experience in diverse environments.

Wayne Hartmann

The founder of H2 Business Consulting draws on over 30 years of business experience in diverse environments to bring solutions to your business. 17 of those years were spent at executive level working out what makes businesses successful…or not.

Wayne draws the insights that could help your business from his extensive experience as a line leader responsible for bottom-line performance in:

  • Big and small businesses
  • Startups, scale-ups, and mature businesses…growing them, turning them around, and in a few cases, shutting them down
  • Downstream oil businesses…refining, shipping, trading, supply chains, and sales covering retail, commercial, lubricants, and bunker fuels in many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Trading businesses in the Agri, Metals & Minerals spaces in Southern Africa
  • A global bunker fuel trading and supply joint venture
  • A scale-up solar energy company in East / West Africa

Delivering the Vision with Operational Excellence

Known for getting the big picture quickly, Wayne has excelled at developing business strategy and then also building the team and delivering the business goals. 

Simply…delivering business results depends on operational excellence and you do not get that without highly motivated teams and reliable execution systems. Wayne’s experience base doing this many times can make a difference in your business.

Diverse Directorships

Over the years, Wayne has held directorship appointments in many of the diverse businesses he has been involved with. Quite a few of those businesses were joint ventures where balancing the needs of diverse stakeholders was a requirement. He also chaired a listed entity in Southern Africa.

People Make the Difference

A hallmark of Wayne’s tenure has always been the time he puts into coaching and developing future leaders, carefully understanding the individual and how he or she can be successful.