Operational Excellence


Wayne has spent more than 30 years at the operating end of businesses. With his associates, he is well-placed to offer operational excellence consulting services that add real value. This is his sweet spot.


From that BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to weekly implementation steps and everything in-between (Vision, Mission, Culture, business planning, strategic initiatives, change management, implementation methodologies.)

Performance Management

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Balanced Scorecards, dashboards and information systems, cadence-based operations management.

Process Excellence

Defining and mapping business processes, insourcing vs outsourcing, key processes in different parts of the business (supply chain, sales, service, finance, risk management), management systems, document management, operating discipline, Lean Six Sigma.

Effective Organisations & People

Value systems, organizational design, right-people-right-job (recruiting and casting), performance and reward systems, and staff development. Our Coaching & Mentoring Services are so important that we lifted them out separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important that your business consultant has previous experience in your Industry?

Our Founder and Associates have had exposure to a wide range of industries that might help with relevant know-how to solve your particular problems:

  • Downstream Oil (25+ years) – Oil Refining, Distribution (shipping, oil storage, bunkers), Trading, Sales (retail, commercial, lubricants, LPG, bunker fuels)
  • Agribusiness – Integrated agribusiness including trading, manufacturing
  • Metals & Minerals – Integrated small scale trading, manufacturing
  • Renewables – Paygo Solar (sales, service, and logistics)

Is it important that your business consultant has previous experience in your Geography?

Our Founder and Associates have had exposure to a range of businesses, mostly in the developing world in Africa:

  • South and Southern Africa – all the industries mentioned above
  • East / West Africa – downstream fuels sales and distribution, Paygo Solar
  • West Africa – Integrated small scale trading, manufacturing
  • Global – some of the businesses have operations in the US, Europe, and Asia

What Our Clients Have to Say

Madaleen van der Walt

We approached Wayne and 10Xe to help guide us on setting complex and ambitious objectives to achieve measurable outcomes through OKRs that would take Solarise Africa to the next level. They guided us through a process that really worked for us and helped us to get to the heart of what we needed to do. With OKRs, our team is now achieving consistent milestones and measurable outcomes so that we can concentrate on the targets that matter.


Madaleen van der Walt

Marius Schoeman

Wayne provided independent and objective input to assist TreasuryONE Business Unit Heads to appreciate the relevance and importance of OKRs as it relates to each Business Units Execution Blueprint which defines Strategic Objectives to achieve their BHAG.

Marius Schoeman

Nadia Nilsen

I wanted to commend you on your strategy process. I like to get things done and to get to the point and I just loved how you filtered away the fluff to get to the good stuff.

Nadia Nilsen