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Wayne Hartmann​

A chemical engineer with a commerce degree by training, a leader of operating companies by experience.



Operational Excellence

Is your Board demanding ‘Operational Excellence’ and you aren’t even sure what that means?

Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership can be a lonely place – personalised coaching & mentoring can help you achieve your potential.

Directorship Services

Does your Board need an experienced
non-executive director?

What our clients say

Wayne is a one of a kind leader. He combined operational excellence, drive and compassionate leadership into a potent formula for growing our business. Wayne led our growth through two tumultuous and very fast moving years. As we iterated on our business model, our platform and our go-to-market strategy all at the same time, Wayne was often the calm in the centre of the storm. No matter where he is, Wayne brings maturity, focus and leadership to the table every day.

Joshua Pierce
Co-Founder and CTO at Off Grid Electric

Wayne is an outstanding leader, manager, and operator. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for the past two years at Off Grid Electric. As Managing Director, Wayne led Off Grid through a crucial evolution from a young, loosely-structured startup to a more disciplined, cost-effective, performance-oriented company. This included a large-scale restructuring, which Wayne designed and executed in an inclusive, highly professional, and kind manner that showed great care for both our business requirements and the people involved. As a manager, he has a talent and passion for understanding his team, figuring out how to get the best from each person, and mentoring them to achieve their potential.

Nena Sanderson
MD Tanzania at Off Grid Electric

Since his appointment, Wayne has made a significant contribution to the success of the company, through his in-depth knowledge of corporate governance and his unique understanding of the essence of developing a sustainable business. His deep knowledge of finance and investment and the key drivers essential to building a new business venture have contributed to the company achieving five unqualified eternal audits (100%) since its inception in 2012, being profitable and sustainable as a going concern, and awarding a dividend to its shareholder in respect of each year of its operation.

Simon Tankard
CEO University of Natal Extended Learning

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