Sean King

I have had the pleasure of working with Wayne Hartmann over the last 2 years. As a passionate executive team, we presented our aspirations for sustainable growth to Wayne. He quickly helped us focus our skills, energy, and capability on the areas of growth that mattered most. The vehicle was an intensive plan of quarterly goals to put the right building blocks in place, supported by his deep knowledge of process and best practice. Wayne quickly became intrinsically invested in our success.

What happened next is where Wayne came alive. We systematically hit the inevitable obstacles, growing pains and leadership challenges that growth presents. Wayne became the confident coach we needed, and the trusted advocate we hoped for.

Wayne has shown me that simply demanding growth doesn’t lead to growth, and the behavioural complexities around growth are real. And more importantly, Wayne was able to share the tools and knowledge to work through these realities.

From what I have experienced of Wayne over 2 years, I would recommend Wayne to businesses that have ambition for growth and are willing to undergo the transformation required to get there.