Eileen Wainaina

Wayne helped me identify strengths that were in me but not as recognizable to me. He had a way to shine the light on them and at the same time illuminate options that could augment my work and self-confidence. He doesn’t tell you what to do but walks you through how you could rethink what you’re doing and how; and gives you enough room to grow into connecting the dots between potential and achievement.  I have been able to enhance my  personal growth and effectiveness as a leader
As I worked with him I was able to: discuss current issues within my business and help brainstorm on innovative solutions; close gaps between potential and transformative action; figure out how I could use my abilities in ways that I had not thought about before. As I worked with him I found myself developing better linkages between personal growth and my effectiveness as a leader with regard to business growth and nurturing talent in my employees, peers, and managers.